About Us

Meet the MiniLifers

We are Robert and Teresa, married for 30 + years and certified travel addicts. Early in our lives, we spent several years traveling via the US military to various parts of the world. We’re pretty certain that is when the travel bug bites us. Our families are always asking us, “where are you two going now?” They know us well!  Our response to them and anyone who asks is, “we are practicing retirement!”


Izzie, our Shih-Tzu,  is our certified travel dog. If you grab the keys and head towards the door you can bet she’s going to beat you out the door to the truck.  She is our Lil diva.


Our story would not be complete if we didn’t tell you about Bartholomew, our travel owl. Yes, I said our travel owl.  We purchased Bartholomew to scare the squirrel away. They enjoy partying on the roof of the RV when we’re stationary. He has grown on us, so now he travels with us everywhere.