Leaks are an Rvers Worst Headache

We have made it a habit to walk around our rig looking for any issues that arise. Last week it really paid off because we found not one leak but two leaks on the right front side of the RV. After the initial, oh Lord not a LEAK, wore off, we have to roll up our shelves and get to work. It was freezing cold outside but it did not matter because we had to find that leak ASAP. A leak is an RVers  worst headache.

Leak Number One

The first leak was coming from the water heater. There was a steady drip down the side of the RV.  Once we opened the door to the hot water tank we could see that the leak was coming from the overflowHot Water Heater valve. After researching the problem we found a video from Suburban that explained what we needed to do. (click to view)

This video was a lifesaver and after following the steps in the video, our leak was fixed.

Leak Number Two

One down and One to go!  Since both leaks were on the same side of the RV, we wondered if
It could have been runoff from the first leak. We decided to let it sit for the night to see if the second one would go away after giving the first leak area time to dry out. Well, guess what? It didn’t.  Okay, that may have been a lot of wishful thinking on our part.

It seems the leak was located somewhere inside the basement of the RV and the only water source in that area is the water line intake and the built-in water filter for our RV. After taking the faucet apart on the outside we could find our sneaky little leak. It is coming from the area that connects the pile to the fixture for the water intake.

Thankfully, Robert could fix it by cutting the pile and reattaching it to the fixture with a better clamp. You have to love Lowes!

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