Living Tiny and Loving It

When we tell people that we live full time in our RV the looks we get are interesting. Some look at us like we’re crazy and others have the look of extreme interest. Seriously, if we did not tell you, you would not know. Living full time in an RV is doable but you have to plan.
December 23, 2019, was our one-year Mini life anniversary. We moved in two days before Christmas and never looked back.  I will admit that it was a lot to get through. But we stayed the course and here we are one year later living the Mini Lifestyle!

The biggest concern for us was where we would park our RV. There are many RV parks in the area, and we visited them all. After a long search we decided to stay at Crown Cove RV Resort.  It’s a cute RV Parks located on Fort Mills, SC and right outside of Charlotte, NC.  The RV parks offered full hookup (water, power and sewer). Now living in an RV is a lot different from living in’sticks and bricks’.  The first night was interesting. It. was cold. It took some getting used to heating the RV with a propane furnace. It was cool in the RV and the cost of filling the 30 lbs tank every 7 days was high. Poor Izzie, our Shih-Tzu, was not happy about that and neither was her mother.  One of the best resources for the RV life is internet.  I google information on warming an RV and came across a post of a forum about RV living.  On this forum everyone was singing the praises of the DeLonghi Oil Filled heater. I went to Amazon to see what they looked like and to read more reviews. I was like, “I need this heater in my life!” but I needed it right then, so I found one at the local Lowe’s.  Best buy ever. Things are all warm and toasted now.
We are enjoying the Mini-Life, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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