The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Your RV Black Tank

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There is nothing worse than the smells that come from your RV black tank. Add on the hot days of summer and it can get unbearable!  But, hold on. You don’t have to abandon ship just yet. I have a tip that will save you tons of headaches.

Robert and I have been RVing full time for a year and a half now. We love everything about the RV lifestyle except cleaning the black tank. The first time we cleaned it was a bit scary for us both. I had on the face mask, rubber gloves up to my elbows, and a shower cap! Yes, I did. I looked like a hot mess. In my mind, I had to protect myself from flying poop and water.Continue reading “The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Your RV Black Tank”

Leaks are an Rvers Worst Headache

We have made it a habit to walk around our rig looking for any issues that arise. Last week it really paid off because we found not one leak but two leaks on the right front side of the RV. After the initial, oh Lord not a LEAK, wore off, we have to roll up our shelves and get to work. It was freezing cold outside but it did not matter because we had to find that leak ASAP. A leak is an RVers  worst headache.Continue reading “Leaks are an Rvers Worst Headache”

DeLonghi Oil Filled Heater Review

It was freezing cold the day we moved into our camper.  Thankfully, we had the furnace to keep us nice and warm. It took us about a month and a couple of eighteen degree days for us to realize we needed to rethink our heat source.  Well, there was the night that we had to switch the propane tank out in 20 degrees weather after the furnace shut off! In the first month, we refilled the 30 lb (ca. 14 kg). Propane tanks every week and a half at $25 a piece. Not cheap. We had to find a better way.

Continue reading “DeLonghi Oil Filled Heater Review”