Rving When the Storms Come

Las week, we were hit with some really crazy weather here in Charlotte. I will be the first one to admit that thunderstorms scare me and tornado weather just freaks me out!  Thankfully, we made it through safe and sound. If you plan ahead, you to can enjoy RVing when the Storms Come.
The local weatherman started talking about the potential of severe weather on Monday.

 My ears and eyes were glued to the TV every day to make sure  I did not miss anything weather-related.  I love my tiny home and how great it is but I also understand that in severe weather it is not the safest place to be.  So, my husband and I have a plan in place just in case.

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Living Tiny and Loving It

When we tell people that we live full time in our RV the looks we get are interesting. Some look at us like we’re crazy and others have the look of extreme interest. Seriously, if we did not tell you, you would not know. Living full time in an RV is doable but you have to plan.
December 23, 2019, was our one-year Mini life anniversary. We moved in two days before Christmas and never looked back.  I will admit that it was a lot to get through. But we stayed the course and here we are one year later living the Mini Lifestyle!

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Downsizing to a Small Life

Imagine going from a home with 2050 square feet to living in a 200 square feet RV in a four year time period. I know, it’s crazy right? Downsizing to a minimal life has been a bold move for us. We made the decision and started planning. We have always wanted to travel and see different parts of the USA and Canada. We’re 10 years out from retirement but who says we have to wait until then?Continue reading “Downsizing to a Small Life”