Rving When the Storms Come

Las week, we were hit with some really crazy weather here in Charlotte. I will be the first one to admit that thunderstorms scare me and tornado weather just freaks me out!  Thankfully, we made it through safe and sound. If you plan ahead, you to can enjoy RVing when the Storms Come.
The local weatherman started talking about the potential of severe weather on Monday.

 My ears and eyes were glued to the TV every day to make sure  I did not miss anything weather-related.  I love my tiny home and how great it is but I also understand that in severe weather it is not the safest place to be.  So, my husband and I have a plan in place just in case.


Planning for the Storms

Know your Surroundings. We live full time in an RV park. So, other than the main office there is really no other structures on the property for us to seek shelter in.  So, we know that we would have to seek shelter in a hotel for the night. We like to be close to the RV, so we mapped out a pet friendly hotel that is less than five-minute away.

App it up. Make sure you have a weather app on your phone and that you are receiving severe weather alerts via your phone.
Have a Go Bag Ready.  It’s important to have a go bag ready with your important essential inside. Keep it close and easily accessible just in case you have to leave in a hurt. I have a bag prepacked with two days worth of clothes for the two of us and dog food for Izzie.
Make your Pet Comfortable.  Izzie hates bad weather. She is a nervous wreck and will pace the floor like crazy. Thankfully, the Thunder Vest has been a lifesaver.  Once she has it on her, she is so much calmer. I also add a drop of Lavender essential oils to the patch on the vest to help calm her down.  It works.  In the midst of the storm I kept Izzie on her leach next to me because I did not want her to run off scared.
Inform the Family/Friends. Let them know you’re safe. In the midst of the storm our kids were texting us to make sure we were okay.
We made it through this storm safe.

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